Mr & Mrs Jreisat welcome you to K.F.J Worldly


President CEO

Kayed F. Jreisat

We take our business and our impact very seriously. We know the tobacco industry is a controversial one, and so it’s all the more important that we act responsibly, from the sourcing of tobacco leaf right through to how we market our products to adult consumers.

We have a rich heritage and, we believe, a bright future. We continue to deliver value to our shareholders today while investing in our markets, our brands and our new product categories to ensure a sustainable future for our business. Our people – both past and present – are part of our history, part of who we are today and are an essential part of our future.


• Location

• blend designing

• quality control

• expertise in tobacco blend

• Expertise manpower and expertise management

• strong fabrication capabilities

• maximum variants

• respected for business ethics and corporate governance

• driven by systems and processes